Therapeutic Massage

Massage can be used in many ways; it can be gentle, soothing and comforting, or it can be deep and invigorating; it can de-stress or it can help to rectify muscular-skeletal problems. Whatever the client’s needs, massage can be tailored to help, both physically and emotionally. 

We often underestimate the power of touch, but as with most hands-on treatments, the client is aware of the therapeutic process as soon as the massage begins. The most obvious effect is one of warmth, closely followed by a sense of release in the muscles. If the client is under stress and needs a relaxing massage, the touch can be modified to suit the individual, but if the client has muscular-skeletal problems or over-worked muscles the massage can be deep and remedial.

At Tranquillity, we can offer a massage to suit any client. Some like a light or gentle massage, others prefer a deeper therapeutic massage especially for those who take part in regular sport, or equally for those who might need some help after strenuous activity. 
Massage can also be used to help aches and pains caused by postural difficulties, and can often improve the posture in the process.